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Who are we?

We are a startup based out of Nepal with the aim of influencing lives through our apps.

We specialize in development and deployment of cutting edge iOS apps with innovative and elegant designs. Our products have a strong focus on intuitive and user friendly interfaces with value added functionality.

What do we do?

Asignmate: A crowd sourcing platform for students to get help with their assignments. Help a mate out!

Cable: Show the world what's happening as it happens. Let's instigate a new wave of news reporting and Help share the truth.

apiCal: An inclusive backend as a service for mobile applications - elastic search based indexing, peer-to-peer voice and video messaging, and live streaming.

Our Products

Your Private Tutor!

Assignmate is a crowdsourcing marketplace for student assignments.
Tutees: tap into a global bank of freelance talent and get help with any assignment within a specified budget and time. Choose the perfect tutor for your project needs and communicate via messenger to check on their progress. The funds are held securely until all your requirements are met.
Tutors: match your expertise with projects listed in the app and make easy money. Set up your profile, list your specialities and approach employers. Start working only after the payment is verified.

Live News Reports.

For years we have complained about the lack of platform to get our voices heard. Here is our chance. Lets instigate a new wave of news reporting and “Help Share the Truth”.
Exclusive: Sneak peek into behind the scenes with live reports from famous reporters, artists and sports personalities.
Weather Map: Explore the world and get today’s weather.
Get Featured: Live stream relevant and truthful news reports to be featured and get longer air-time.
Breaking News and Headlines: Watch the most popular news reports or get real time breaking news.
Post anonymously: Protect your information while sharing sensitive news.

Backend as a Service

A full fledged backend service that includes user management, peer-to-peer video calls and a live streaming engine.
Coming Soon.

Your one stop vape shop!

With years of continued research, development, rigorous testing and innovation, Clouds Production provides the best e-juices and devices. We are committed to making superior products and devoted to providing consistency through our product lines and customer service.
Encouraging current cigarette smokers to stop smoking and experience the joys of switching to E-Cigarettes, we offer basic starter kits, mechanical mods, premium e-liquids, coils and merchandise for our customers. Buy the best devices and liquids in the market for the lowest of prices.

The Team